Frequently asked questions on the subject CELOS.

Which apps are included as standard?

16 applications are included as standard for free:

  • Job Manager
  • Job Scheduler
  • Organizer
  • Tech Calculator
  • Job Assistent
  • CAD-CAM View
  • Documents
  • Netservice
  • Service Agent
  • Control
  • Energy Saving
  • Pallet Changer
  • Pallet Manager
  • Tool Handling
  • Messenger
  • Status Monitor

Are there premium apps?

11 applications are optionally available:

  • Production Planning
  • 3D Part Analyzer
  • Robo 2 Go
  • Tool Agent
  • Surface Analyzer
  • Production Feedback
  • Production Cockpit
  • Tool Analyzer
  • Condition Analyzer
  • Performance Monitor

Is there a proprietary app store where new applications can be downloaded?

With the current 27 CELOS apps, CELOS is a fully functional, cutting-edge product. It does not currently have its own app store.

Can I change the layout of the CELOS app server?

At the moment the layout cannot be personalised.

Are there security levels and how can I adjust these?

Personal access privileges are administrated by the SMARTkey-tool and configured through the CELOS settings.

If CELOS stops working, is it possible that I will no longer be able to work with my machine?

No. CELOS runs on its own industrial PC, so the NC core is never affected.

How many SMARTkey are there with the machine?

Two. More SMARTkey can be ordered from DMG MORI.

What effect do dirty / oily hands have on the screen?

The screen has been designed in such a way as to be resistant to oil and chip scratches.

Can the touchscreen be operated whilst wearing gloves or with a stylus?

Yes, although gloves and styluses have to be conductive.

How robust is the touchscreen against coolant and iron dust?

The monitor has been designed for protection rating IP65 and is therefore resistant against dust and water (except under high pressure).

What agents can be used to clean the touchscreen monitor?

All conventional, non-solvent-based agents.

Can I connect to PPS or ERP systems (SAP, Baan) and tool management systems?

Yes. The JOB MANAGER data for every job can be stored on CELOS through an external, open interface. After the data are processed, the entire structure can be transferred back to the MES, PPS or ERP system. This also requires the information to be exported from the system and has to be implemented by the customer or the external software developer.

What file formats can I add to the JOB MANAGER?

The following file formats are currently available:

  • Image data: JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Text: PDF, TXT
  • 3D data: STL, 3D XML

Can you archive old jobs (as a back-up solution)?

Jobs are stored on a local drive on the CELOS PC. This can be archived and backed up over the network. Individual jobs can also be exported.

Can jobs be exported?

Yes, jobs can be exported for the purposes of backing up data.

What formats can be stored in the personal library?

The Documents app supports the following formats:

  • PDF
  • TXT

Does the Control app have the same tools as the SIEMENS / MAPPS control system?

Yes. The Control app provides direct access to each control system.

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