CELOS PC version

Consistent production planning.

CELOS PC version for work scheduling:

  • Control of the production and manufacturing process for
    DMG MORI CELOS machines
  • Create and manage orders and assign them to machines
  • Higher machine utilisation and improved production flow

CELOS PC version for machine status monitoring:

  • Using the Messenger APP is also possible in the
    PC version
  • Live monitoring of all machines and early reporting
    of outstanding maintenance activities
  • Boost productivity by avoiding downtimes

Networking of the machine with the corporate organisation

Corporate organisation
Planning /
work scheduling
“Thanks to CELOS, I can now fully network our machines with my organisation’s operations.”
Lucas Santelmann, Managing Director
Fa. Santelmann Zerspanungstechnik
“CELOS gives me direct access to the machines and helps me plan and monitor them in a much better way.”
Werner Fritz, Production Manager
Paul Horn GmbH
“All the order data for my work electronically compiled in one job, super.”
Dieter Stauber, CNC turner
August Strecker GmbH & Co KG

Job preparation
on the PC with a
direct connection
to the machines

Networking of the machine with the corporate organisation.

With the PC version of CELOS you can directly plan, monitor and control your production process during job preparation.

Direct access to your machines allows you to merge your planning and production. This will enable you to meet the requirements of the future project Digitization today.

With the JOB MANAGER APP you can generate jobs and assign them to your machines with the JOB SCHEDULER APP.

With the MESSENGER APP you will always have a live overview of all your machines and be aware of the progress in your production.