CELOS APPs 27 intuitive applications.

Optimal preparation. Quick and error-free processing of production jobs.

Like on a smartphone., the operator has direct, central access to all available applications through the app menu. These are quick and easy to operate with the unique multi-touch screen.

Categorisation of apps – a guide to the five groups:

  • Planning

    Apps for production planning and control and assisting with job processing

  • Preparation

    Production support, conversion tools and access to reference material

  • Production

    Intelligent energy management and individual configuration of all APPs

  • Monitoring

    Detailed machine and order status display, live status in real time

  • Service

    Maintenance and service assistant, online support from DMG MORI

Standard Apps
Organised job management optimises machine utilisation and set-up times.
Machine-based job scheduling improves utilisation and production flow.
The optimised exchange of information improves productivity across all shifts.
No errors or machine idle time thanks to correctly calculated values.
Menu-driven instructions minimise errors and reduce set-up and idle time.
The effective exchange of information improves productivity.
Immediately available information reduces machine idle time.
Effective and powerful machine operation.
Reduces the energy consumption and running costs of the machine.
Maximum machine productivity with automated pallet management.
Advanced pallet system management.
Automated loading and unloading lists reduce retooling times.
Immediate idle state detection boosts productivity.
Effective documentation and control of the machine and job status.
Online support minimises machine downtime and service costs.
Maintenance planned and carried out by the operator leads to trouble-free production.
Optional Apps
Advanced planning and scheduling of production orders
Control site CAD measurement functionality to maintain high quality standards.
Automated machine assembly for maximum machine productivity.
Tool management on the machine and CELOS PC for various machines
Roughness gauges for the machine-integrated quality monitoring of surfaces.
Solution for production data acquisition and response
The overall production at a glance
Analysis of recorded tool and process data
Capturing and analyzation of the machine sensor data for maximum machine productivity.
Global data capturing, analyzation and visualization of machine effectivity and availability with direct production feedback for optimized machine productivity.
Optimal maintenance of machines - Set up resources accurately

DMG MORI Monitoring- & Service Package

The DMG MORI Monitoring- & Service Package offers the ideal entry into digitization.

The NETservice and the IoTconnector are part of the Monitoring- & service Package of DMG Mori. The package also contains a further two products, which make it easy to start digitizing. Besides the DMG MORI Messenger, the package also contains the Production Cockpit App by which the status of machines and manufacturing are made transparent at any time. The SERVICEcamera is an optimal supplement and can be ordered optionally.

IoTconnector & Retrofit-Kit

  • Networking of DMG MORI machines
  • Retrofit-Kit for easy retrofitting to DMG MORI existing machines
  • The CELOS IoTconnector extends the scope of the
    App-based user interface (e. g. to the NETservice)
  • IT security functionalities and updates


  • Multi-user conference for fast problem solving by using the communication network
  • Direct remote communication with the DMG MORI service
  • Expert know-how immediately available
  • Documentation of all service activities
  • Direct installation of document updates


  • Exclusively developed by DMG MORI for the livestream via NETservice directly to the hotline
  • Higher resolution rates through visual addition of phone and online sessions with the DMG MORI service experts
  • Photo and video storage on the SERVICEcamera and the IoTconnector for later use