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    The app-based interface with unique multi-touch operation.

    Easy machine operation.
    Longer machine running time.
    More efficient production processes.

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    CELOS by DMG MORI with 10 new APPs in 2018 – now totalling 26 APPs.

    26 APPs help the operator prepare, optimise and process production jobs without any errors.

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  • CELOS Control

    Holistic. Continuous.

    As a system that does not depend on control systems or technology, CELOS optimises the interaction between human and machine.

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  • CELOS Operation

    The app-based interface with unique multi-touch operation.

    CELOS simplifies the process from the idea to the finished product. It holistically improves the profitability of production. A cutting-edge control interface that can be expanded with new APPs and updates and which provides an immediate solution to Industry 4.0.

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  • CELOS Workflow

    CELOS – easy,
    intuitive, networking!

    With the PC version of CELOS you can optimally and intuitively plan, monitor and control your production process on your PC during job preparation. Direct access to your machines
    and related CELOS APPs allow you to merge
    your planning and production.

  • CELOS Updates

    Future-proof with new CELOS updates and functions.

    Version 3 of CELOS contains a total of 50 functional upgrades and improvements. Find out about our attractive update options now and book an appointment with us.

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  • A holistic user interface for all DMG MORI machines
  • Intuitive and easy machine operation
  • Process production jobs faster, more effectively
    and free from errors
  • Paper-free and digital production
  • All machines within a manufacturing organisation
    can be networked
  • Complete administration of multiple machines
  • Improved process reliability and structured processes
  • Detailed machine and order status display in real time
  • Less service work and lower costs
  • Compatible with existing software and control system infrastructures (ERP, PPS, MES, PDM and CAD / CAM)
  • Can be expanded with new apps and future updates
  • 50 % faster machine operation and
    30 % less machine idle time
  • 20 % longer machine running time and
    30 % shorter machine set-up times


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Future-proof with new CELOS updates and functions.


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